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Select your files Simply click the upload button then individually select the plans you require. We accept single and multipage PDF’s as well as TIF files. Give each one a file name that you will recognize, this will appear as a file in your order window. Once you are sure everything is present and correct, click to Spec-it.

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Choose paper, size, finishing Each plan is spec'd individually, giving you maximum flexibility. Click on the plan required and check it’s in the spec window. Then specify the size, stock, finishing & quantity. When you’re happy, add it to you basket. Keep on going until all your plans are completed. Once you have specified all your files click to Order-it.

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Confirm and pay Is everything in your basket? Now is your chance to delete or edit the files before placing your order. Login as an Exsting Customer or Register as a New one,  then just fill in your delivery address and payment details, then place your order and we'll do the rest.


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